Lemet OÜ  | 

We have been testing cars with Chiptuning already approximately for six months! Our experience has been very positive!

Fuel saving approximately 15%! The drivers are very satisfied!






SK Trans OÜ   | 

I had SCANIA 124 420hp tuned as it was too dull and fuel consumption was very big.
After tuning, my car is more alert and powerful, I can say that it is a totally different car. This is true that there is smaller need for changing gears as the car has enough power already at low revolutions.
I went to Sweden with a 19-ton load and back with a 24-ton load, fuel consumption was before tuning constantly 39 litres irrespective of the weather. Now fuel consumption was just 33.6 l/100 km. I used to have to change gear from eight to seven on the slope of Nordköping but this time it was not needed and there was even power left over. I am satisfied with the result. The work was quick and correct.

Priit Rooba   | 

Currently, we have had two cars tuned - DAF XF105 410hp and Renault Magnum.
We can say only good things about DAF. The motor is more alert and the car has perceptibly more power. There were no problems for the truck to go over Kassel mountains with a 18-ton load. Before that we had had hard time with it and there was a lot of breaking loose. According to the computer, the fuel consumption decreased 3 litres per 100 km exactly with the same load and on the same road. I have not made the exact calculation from tank to tank yet. We cannot say anything specific about Renault yet as the man who is driving this car currently has not driven this Renault before and he does not feel the difference.